How long will it take to receive the discount code?

Codes are sent instantly via email after you complete your payment.

Are the discount codes valid in any country?

The discount codes that you purchase from our website are 100% genuine and are valid for the country specified in the product listing.

I purchased a discount code and its not working, What now?

All discount codes are checked automatically every day, and are only issued once to a customer. If you do have a problem you should use the Contact page to contact us.

Are the codes valid and/or unique?

The codes that we sell are 100% valid codes, They are unique discount codes and can only be used once.

How does this website work?

We simply sell discount codes for various websites, Select a discount code you would like to purchase. After your payment is complete we will instantly send you a discount code for the website you choose. You can then visit that website and place an order using the discount code you purchased from us.

Which products are valid for the promotion code?

You should carefully read the product description page which will advise you on which products are valid for the selected promotion code.